Educating Against Online Gambling

Hi there! I work as a sorting clerk at a law office by day, I act as an extra in local films and play in a band by night, and this is my blog. I live in Montreal, and had a French girlfriend until I developed an online gambling addiction. This site is about my addiction to online gamble.

Fighting online gambling addiction

Many people in the world of online gambling have taken the whole thing about this recreational activity way too far. This has led to serious addiction which to some point is not healthy. What such people fail to understand is that, gaming is meant to be a recreational affair rather than perceiving it as a very important activity which makes them take it as a part of their lives. This is quiet detrimental since it can ruin a person’s normal way of living and also affect those close to them. For instance, many gaming addicts have delved so much into this virtual activity to a point of forgetting other crucial things in their lives such as family, their jobs and even their friends.

However, gaming at first is deemed as a refreshing affair. It all starts with having some few games maybe after work or during weekends and this does not seem to be going anywhere close to being an addiction issue. But as time goes by, and the gaming continues, it starts sucking into ones system like a slow puncher does to a tire. Then gets more serious and eventually becomes like a viral disease without a cure. This is the time that one does not even realize how much indulgence they are having into the activity but can only be noted by the people around you.

Gaming can be of various types depending on the particular activity that is been done. This particular article will however succinctly discuss online gambling, its addiction and how the addiction problem can be resolved. Gambling can involve anything from; betting on roulette, poker, scratch cards or casino and online gambling among many other things that can be betted on. However, this kind of gaming can be overdone hence leading to addiction. This can cause serious trouble in the gambler’s life since it can interfere with the person’s work, relationships and also lead to financial disaster.

One thing that people should clearly understand is that, gambling by all means and form is not a harmful thing and it actually has so much fun that can be enjoyed. There are so many people who go to gambling centers in various cities across the globe with an aim and hope of making a fortune from the places. But this is not always the case since, majority of these gamblers who flock the casinos and other authorized gambling centers spend dollars betting and then fail to have any luck, they then walk away from the betting table with the hope that there might be luck next time. In such instances we always have gamblers who even if they go home with little cash or nothing at all, they get back to their normal lives and wait for another opportunity when they can gamble again- such are referred to as recreational gamblers.

However, the intensity brought about by the hurry to bet and the promise that one will win always makes gamblers to hang in the balance. This eventually makes gambling change from been a recreational and entertaining activity to whole different thing which is bad and all-consuming. People who succumb to gambling addiction are not able to wait till another opportunity to bet comes. Their urge to gamble gets too serious to a point that they cannot go to the casinos to place their bets. This is the juncture where online gambling comes in handy to cool down their heightened addiction.

Online gambling has now become the new trend for most of the people who cannot wait to go to the casinos and place their bets. Many might deem it as a harmless way of gambling where they can play poker online at any time of the day or night. But what looks to be so convenient and maybe harmless turns out to be another disastrous menace whereby the gambler can spend much of their time playing the online thing and even forget to pay attention to other important activities such as attending to their appointments. This gets even more serious that many do not realize their lives being ruined and bank accounts getting completely drained by the online gambling menace. Advancement in technology has therefore led to whole new perception of what can lead to addiction since one get addicted to gambling by spending too much time on their computers playing pokers and other forms of online gambling games.

There are a number of signs and symptoms that indicate a possible online gambling addiction problem. Contrary to other forms of addiction like alcoholism, which one is able to know that a person is suffering from it, the online gambling addiction does not have any physical signs that can help to warn a person. This is made impossible by the fact that, people will lock themselves in their rooms or offices and stay glued to their computers playing poker and other gambling stuff hence preventing other people from realizing the problem that is been cultivated. It is also worth noting that, new gambling addicts often do not realize how intense they are getting sucked into the virtue world till it is too late and tremendous repercussions have happened.

I have taken time to write this article like a real victim of the online gambling and also as a concerned person to all those either in the trap or heading there. My advice to all of you out there either thinking of trying the online gambling or already hooked to it is; be extremely careful before things become too hard to handle. These are some of the things that one should carefully watch to avoid the problem

The lack of will to involve yourself in activities that earlier made you feel good and rather feeling the urge to spend more time on your computer is an indication that you are getting addicted. Spending so much time and finance in favor of online gambling actually can lead to relationship problems and at the same time cause serious financial crisis. Such issues results to problems that never happened before such as, failure to pay mortgage and meeting other personal and family needs as required.

Another indication that addiction to online gambling is cropping up or has already manifested itself is having an increase in borrowing money so as to cover up losses. It can also make one to have a problem in halting spending too much money on the activity even when the cash has run dry. This is an evident signal that one has already become an addict since they accumulate a huge baggage of debts either through credit card advances or borrowed money which is used to pay back other debts that have been incurred.

Another addiction warning or signal is the lack of ability to manage time while doing the online gambling. Many online gambling addicts have this problem in common since they spend too much time placing bets on the virtue gambling system with an aim of winning and even forget to sleep or do other important things that matter in their lives at the right time.

However, there is always hope for a solution to every problem in life. These addiction problem too has a way of keeping it at bay hence giving hope to all those who have fallen victims. Online gambling has become more and more worrying due to its easy access and its convenience makes it more tempting to gamble since one can do it anywhere provided there is a computer and internet connection. An addict’s attention and urge to gamble can be sparkled by a simple access to an email where they see their bets and feel the desire to play more poker. Such scenarios bring forth the question of how the addiction problem can be solved- but there is definitely a solution to this problem like there are solutions to all other problems that people suffer in life.

It is worth noting that, online gambling can be fought like any other form of addiction hence every addict trying to save themselves from the problem should have a positive attitude during the whole rehabilitation process. Although it might seem so impossible at the initial stages, it is important to stay focused and optimistic, and these will help in making it easier as time goes by.

The first thing that person should do is to admit that, they have failed to manage their lives due to the addiction. Then they should seriously examine every factor that could be deterring them from recovering from the problem. Any factor preventing you from ending the online addiction should be completely avoided so as to make the recovering process a smooth sailing. For instance, one should avoid or stop having online chats with any friend who entices them to play poker online. One can also go further to remove their emails from any site that has anything concerning online gambling.

Every addict should also keep in mind that there is no addiction that can be fought by a sole individual. It is therefore important to seek professional help so as to be in a good position to effectively fight the problem. Professional intervention will bring the right treatment and also put you through specialized rehabilitation process.